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Sample dtac Internet Package Cancellation Letter

Create a dtac Internet Package cancellation for free with our sample template. Quick and easy done in just a few minutes.

With the fillable form you will receive a ready dtac Internet Package cancellation letter as PDF or Word for printing. No registration is necessary.

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We provide you with the cancellation letter in the following two formats.

dtac Internet Package Cancellation PDF Template

Save the dtac Internet Package PDF Cancellation Template and print your finished cancellation letter quick and easy. To open the file, you should have a PDF reader installed.

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Download the dtac Internet Package Word cancellation template and edit it the way you need. You should have Microsoft Word or Open Office installed for editing.

John Doe, street number, postal code city

Total Access Communication PCL
No. 319 Chamchuri Square Building, 38th Floor, Phayathai Road, Pathumwan Sub-district
10330 Pathumwan District Bangkok

Place, date

Dear sir or madam,

I hereby wish to cancel my subscription with immediate effect or at the earliest possible date.

Please send me a written confirmation of cancellation stating the date on which it takes effect. I should be grateful if you would refrain from contacting me for the purpose of return advertising.

Kind regards,

Jon Doe

Jon Doe

Number portability with our template

With our template, you can easily request the dtac Internet Package number porting at the same time as your cancellation. Simply select "Yes, take number with you" in the form and a porting declaration will be attached to your cancellation.

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In just 3 steps you are ready with your dtac Internet Package Cancellation . After sending, you only have to wait for the cancellation confirmation and your contract is canceled. Your contract will then only run until the termination date confirmed by dtac Internet Package.

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dtac Internet Package Cancellation address

To ensure that your cancellation reaches dtac Internet Package, we have researched the current address and contact details of dtac Internet Package for you. You can send your notice of cancellation to this address by letter or registered mail. We regularly check the address of dtac Internet Package to ensure that your cancellation arrives safely.


Total Access Communication PCL
No. 319 Chamchuri Square Building, 38th Floor, Phayathai Road, Pathumwan Sub-district
10330 Pathumwan District Bangkok


Contact dtac Internet Package after a few days and ask whether your cancellation has been delivered. It may happen that the postal delivery times are longer and your dtac Internet Package cancellation is delivered too late.