Quartz Customer Service

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Customer ServiceQuartz Media, Inc.
675 Avenue of the Americas
Suite 410
NY 10010  New York
Customer Service Number(646) 539-6640 

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Quartz Customer Service

With the Quartz customer service, you can take care of everything concerning your contract. For example, questions about billing, cancellation, contract renewal, and revocation. Have your contract data, such as contract number or customer number, ready so that Quartz can assign your call.

Quartz Customer Service Number

You can call Quartz customer service via the Quartz customer service number. The phone number is (646) 539-6640 . If you have a flat-rate phone plan, calling the Quartz landline number is free. If it is a paid number, the call will not cost anything until you are in conversation with a Quartz employee. The Quartz on-hold number is free of charge, as required by law.

Quartz Address

Contact Quartz after a few days and ask whether your cancellation has been delivered. It may happen that the postal delivery times are longer and your Quartz cancellation is delivered too late.

Quartz E-mail

You can also reach Quartz by email. Just send your email with your request to members@qz.com.

Last updated: 07.12.2022.

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